Amputation Prevention

We channel significant energy into proactively managing and educating our Diabetic patients to minimize foot complications caused by Diabetes. All our Diabetic patients are screened, risk modified and optimized, which recent studies have shown can reduce amputations by up to 80%. If you or a family member suffers from Diabetes, and are interested in doing all that you can to protect your feet, call today for an appointment and start your journey to better health.

Fast Return to Activities

Whatever the cause of your foot pain, be it heel pain, a sports injury or a stress fracture, our expertise in managing foot and ankle problems is unparalleled. No one will get you back to working or doing what you love quicker.


In cases where conservative care fails or when surgery is needed, you can rest assured you are in capable hands. Dr Phelps is one of the most extensively trained Podiatrist in the country with 5 years of Surgical Residency Training.

Ingrown Nails

Are you fighting with stubborn and painful ingrown nails? Do you find yourself performing “bathroom surgery” on that ingrown nail every 3 or 4 weeks? Well your in luck, you’ve found your solution. Dr Phelps has perfected the treatment of ingrown nails. Permanent resolution is virtually guaranteed and the cosmetic results are excellent. So stop suffering needlessly, relief is one phone call away. Call for an appointment today.

Sports Medicine

Dr Phelps has a keen interest in assisting Athletes in reaching their maximum performance, whatever the sport. Through the application of the most recent training techniques and cutting edge Scientific innovations, Dr Phelps can either help you get back from an injury or achieve your personal best.