About Our Practice

Sincerely, Thank You for checking us out. I’m certain you’ll find your experience here to be both unique and unexpectedly refreshing. From our spotlessly clean bathroom to our friendly and warm staff, we aim to provide an unparalleled experience in health care. We see our patients not just as patients, but as our Extended Family. When a patient comes to us, we want them to feel as they do when they drop in to see a favorite relative or close friend.

Our approach to Health care focuses on offering treatments that emphasize what’s in the patient’s best interest, just like anyone would do if they were caring for a member of their own family. We believe that offering what’s in the patients best interest ultimately is also what’s in our best interest. The truth about foot care is, most of the time conservative care (non-surgical) works very well, making surgery unnecessary.

About the Physician

General Information

Dr Phelps is married to his wife and High School sweetheart Debra, and has three children: Connor, Jenna and Jared. Dr Phelps has been in practice since 2005 and is affiliated with Eastside Medical Center, Piedmont Walton Hospital and Piedmont Newton Hospital. Dr Phelps sees patient in his private office in Loganville.


Dr Phelps had earned his Bachelor degree in Biology in Illinois. He completed his freshman and sophomore years at Northwestern University in Evanston and completed his final years of undergraduate training at the University of Illinois in Champaign. He attended and graduated Podiatric Medical College at what is now the Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science. He completed two residency programs for a total of five years of residency training, making him one of the most extensively trained Podiatrists in the State of Georgia.

Treatment Philosophy

Dr Phelps knows you have many options when choosing your Healthcare Provider. That being the case, he greatly appreciates your choosing him. He respects and cherishes the opportunity to provide your Lower Extremity Health Care. Dr Phelps is firmly committed to delivering for his patients, the absolute highest value in Lower Extremity Health Care possible, setting the bar for the rest of the profession.

At a time when nearly all Doctors seem to keep their patients waiting for an inordinate amount time, Dr Phelps insists on responsible scheduling by his staff so as to minimize wait times. Everyone knows emergencies happen, and that we can not control all the variables that affect wait times, but the one variable we can control(scheduling), we do. You can rest assured that Dr Phelps values your time as much as his own and makes every effort to reduce your wait.

Additionally, although Dr Phelps has extensive surgical training, he is adamant about treating patients with non-surgical means whenever possible. Surgery can be an important tool. There are times when surgery is the best tool for a given job. Dr Phelps is committed to always maximizing conservative treatment for his patients in all cases where conservative care can be performed. Dr Phelps offers surgery when conservative measures fail or in cases where surgery is clearly the treatment of choice.