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This content was written for Infinity Foot and Ankle.

Is your current doctor suggested amputation on your leg or foot because of diabetic issues? Will it so please reach out to the top podiatrist Loganville area, Infinity Foot and Ankle. Dr. Phelps started up Infinity Foot and Ankle back in 2005 and since then has been going full speed ahead into the future. He is providing the most hands-on care and expertise for all of your feet and ankle. He’s always going above and beyond to give you the best care possible and you will fill extremely well catered for while at his clinic. There’s a reason why he is the highest reviewed and rated in Loganville and set the bar extremely high for the competitors. Dr. Phelps understand that you have several different options when choosing a podiatrist in the area and this is why he is constantly striving to provide the most friendly and cost-effective services around.

Are you a athlete and you are dealing with an old injury that never seems to dissipate? If so please reach out to Dr. Phelps who is considered the top podiatrist Loganville community as he is constantly utilizing the latest and greatest technologies and tools in order to get you back on your feet and performing at your best. Many athletes simply shrug off their pain and accept it as their fate. Let’s Dr. Phelps remove this pain in your feet and ankles and get you feeling like your old youthful self again. I guarantee you will not regret working with Dr. Phelps as he provides the top service in the area and you will be extremely pleased at how easy it is to get signed up and in the system for Infinity Foot and Ankle.

Ingrown toenails are pain and very unsightly. Many Americans feel ingrown toenails and me can create a persistent problem for the remainder of your life if you do not properly address the issue. This is why Dr. Phelps is the best in the business as he is the top podiatrist Loganville has for the community. If you have ever stubbed your toe on a bed frame with an ingrown toenail, then you truly understand pain. You can either deal with ingrown toenails for the rest your life by doing bathroom surgery and then 3 to 4 weeks later they will reappear or you can get ahead of the issue and call Dr. Phelps and his clinic in order to surgically remove the problem permanently. The ball is in your court.

Right now all new patients that make an appointment with Infinity Foot and Ankle will receive a free custom pair of molded orthotics. This is perfect for those who have high arches or flat fee and must rely on these orthotics in order to walk normally. So go ahead and sign up today with Infinity Foot and Ankle and you will receive a free pair of $400 orthotics. This is not too good to be true, but it won’t last forever. So make sure you reach out and schedule your first appointment today.

If you have any questions or concerns that are holding you up from moving forward with Infinity Foot and Ankle, please visit their website at or give them a call at (678) 639-4209 today.

Top Podiatrist Loganville | Friendly Dr. Phelps
This content was written for Infinity Foot and Ankle.

When trying to select the top podiatrist Loganville area, I understand that you have multiple different options and can seem quite overwhelming on who you can trust. I do recommend one doctor and one clinic over the competition and that is Dr. Phelps who owns and operates Infinity Foot and Ankle. Since they began back in 2005, they have been setting the bar extremely high for other podiatrist to jump over. Don’t believe me? Well go online into a quick Google search and you will quickly see why Infinity Foot and Ankle is the highest and most reviewed podiatrist in Loganville today. It is sincere dedication to the clients and his constant learning and education back keep him way ahead of the competition and Loganville.

You’ll not find another top podiatrist Loganville area that goes above and beyond quite like Dr. Phelps does every single day. Because he takes much time to get to know his patients on a one on one level and biscuits in the ability to get to the roots of the dispute in that. And I am speaking when a patient, because Dr. Phelps reviews each and every patient as his extended family. This is because he goes the extra mile in order to care for his family and you will be cared for exactly the same way. Trust me, you will absolutely love dealing with Dr. Phelps and his experience and friendly staff here at Infinity Foot and Ankle. As soon as you walk and you are greeted by many smiling faces and they will assist you with getting signed up and kicked in for your appointment.

Top podiatrist Loganville will make you wait for several minutes to an hour for an appointment. That is not the case. At Infinity Foot and Ankle. No, this is because Dr. Phelps is truly revolutionizing the way scheduling works at his clinic. He truly values your time and will do everything in his power to get you in and out quickly. It’s mutually beneficial for both parties involved have the client get in and out. If you can get in quicker and out quicker that leaves more patients for Dr. Phelps to be able to help and therefore increase his business.

If you are an athlete who has never shook off your old sports injuries, maybe it’s time to reach out to Infinity Foot and Ankle to see how they can help with your feet or ankle issues. Many athletes simply write off these injuries and decide that they have to cope with it for the rest of their lives. This is further from the truth as many of these paintings can be fixed were adjusted to make your life more bearable. So no matter the sport that you played or play, you can trust that Dr. Phelps and his highly specialized clinic will be able to get you back up on your feet and put the sports injuries behind. You really will be able to enjoy life more fully after these paints are eradicated from real life.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to Infinity Foot and Ankle today. You may visit their website at or feel free to call them at your earliest convenience at (678) 639-4209.