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This content was written for Infinity Foot and Ankle.

Are you looking for podiatrist Loganville area, then look no further than the specialists here at Infinity Foot and Ankle. Dr. Phelps has been servicing the Loganville area for over 14 years and is always going above and beyond to give his patients the utmost care and respect. Their approach to health care is offering many types of treatments that focus on the interests of the patient. They treat you like you are a member of the family and not just another patient. Whatever the patient’s best interests is you can guarantee that is also Infinity Foot and Ankle best interests. They try to make surgery unnecessary and focus on conservative care of your foot in order to get you back on your feet no time flat.

Dr. Phelps can utilize many different options for getting you back on your feet. And he understands the you have several different healthcare providers to choose from as well. This is why he strives to give you the best podiatrist Loganville care around and you can absolutely trust that he will treat you better than any other podiatrist in the area. He is extremely committed to delivering the highest value at his clinic any bar extremely high from the competition. One company that Dr. Phelps utilizes better than any other podiatrist in Loganville is that he was responsible for scheduling by his staff so this greatly minimizes the patient’s weight time. We’ve all been in doctors offices were we have waited a tremendous glee long time and this is one thing that Dr. Phelps it consciously striving to change in his industry. Will note that emergencies can happen any time and that we cannot control all variables that affect wait times but one aspect that they can control, scheduling. they do so very well. Dr. Phelps values your personal time just as much of his own and this is why it is mutually beneficial to minimize the weight for both parties involved.

Infinity Foot and Ankle is your go to podiatrist Loganville and Dr. Phelps has extensive training in surgery, but he strives to help patients with nonsurgical means. Surgery can be extremely important but there are only certain times in which it is necessary. Dr. Phelps maximizes the treatment first patients in all cases where conservative care can be performed. The ability to take a step in the right direction deftly reach out today to Infinity Foot and Ankle and see what makes Dr. Phelps and his clinic better than any others in the area. Right now Infinity Foot and Ankle is getting a free pair of molded orthotics. You are just one step away from making a drastic change in your life and Infinity Foot and Ankle wants to make it as pleasurable as possible. They are offering a free pair of custom molded orthotics for their new patients. To take advantage of this $400 value by schedule your appointment today.

Let infinity foot and ankle take care of all of your heel pain, diabetic foot care, ingrown toenails, and amputation prevention and many other ailments that affect your feet and ankles. Dr. Phelps has a interest in helping athletes reach their maximum performance and he uses the most up-to-date training techniques and cutting-edge innovations to help get you back on your feet after a major injury and help you achieve your very best in life.

If you’d like to sign up with Infinity Foot and Ankle today please visit their website at www.infinityfoot.com or give them a call at (678) 639-4209.

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This content was written for Infinity Foot and Ankle.

We’ve all run into issues with our feet, whether it be ingrown toenails, diabetic pain, sports injuries or amputation prevention. There is one company that goes above and beyond to deliver the best foot and ankle care in the business and that is your number one podiatrist Loganville found here at Infinity Foot and Ankle. Dr. Phelps has been in practice since 2005 and is constantly staying up-to-date with the latest techniques and tools in the industry. Although he is a surgeon, he does everything in his power to make surgery a less pitch effort. He knows he can rely on many other tools and services in order to get you back on your feet before surgery.

Infinity Foot and Ankle wants to help you take this step in the right direction and get back on your feet as soon as possible. For all the patient’s for Dr. Phelps, podiatrist Loganville area, he is offering a free pair of custom molded orthotics. That is a $400 value all yours for making your first appointment today at Infinity Foot and Ankle. You will not find this deal at any other podiatrist clinic. Are you having major heel pain and don’t know where the pain is originating from? Well if so you need to reach out to Dr. Phelps here at Infinity Foot and Ankle and they will get to the core of the problem. I guarantee you will not find another doctor in the area that assist passionate and always striving to go above and beyond to leave his patients in the best possible care available.

We’ve all had ingrown toenails, the pain is immense and you can actually make your ingrown toenails much worse by trying to fix them yourselves. Reach out to the best podiatrist Loganville has to offer here at Infinity Foot and Ankle. For over 14 years Dr. Phelps has been servicing the wonderful community Loganville and he will be able to remove your ingrown toenail quickly and efficiently. Letting you get back to your busy life and putting your best foot forward. If you try to fix your ingrown those yourself, you could be doing bathroom surgery every 3 to 4 weeks and still not getting to the root issue. Let Dr. Phelps remove your ingrown toenail with a permanent resolution and virtually guaranteed cosmetic results are superb. Relief is just a phone call away to make your appointment today in order to get your ingrown foot fixed quickly and efficiently.

Infinity Foot and Ankle is consistently and constantly managing and educating their diabetic patients on how to minimize their foot complications caused by diabetes and poor blood flow. All of their patients are thoroughly screened and optimized risk modifications. They have been able to reduce amputation up to 80% by staying on top of their diabetic care. I highly recommend Infinity Foot and Ankle for all of your diabetes education prevention needs. I guarantee you will not find another podiatrist who truly cares as much as Dr. Phelps does. In most cases Dr. Phelps will avoid surgery like the plague. He understands that conservative care can fix most feet and ankle issues, but he is a surgeon and has the capabilities of performing surgery whenever needed. You are in the best hands possible with Dr. Phelps as he has completed five years a surgical residency training and has some of the steadiest hands in the business.

If you’d like to get signed up today with Infinity Foot and Ankle please visit their website www.infinityfoot.com for more information or give them a call at (678) 639-4209.