Do you want a list of Loganville podiatrist that have completed two residencies? It's a long list of you need to sit down and really listen to it. There's going to be a short quiz when we are done with this lesson, so the you can recite back to me each and every podiatrist in Loganville who has completed two residencies at some of the most esteemed institutions across the nation. Okay if you got your pen and paper ready and I'm going to announce now. List of doctors that have completed two residencies begins and ends with Dr. Phelps. That's right our Dr. has completed two residencies before opening his own practice and to five. This instantly made him one of the most highly educated podiatrist in the state of Georgia.

Because of his two residencies, Dr. Phelps has been known as the most highly educated and trained Loganville podiatrist, and even one of the most highly trained ones in the state of Georgia. This allows him to bring a unique perspective whenever it comes to treating any of your foot and ankle injuries. He is going to make sure that he truly diagnoses not only the injury itself, but treats the source. This is going to allow us to provide you with the most effective treatments, and he is also more knowledgeable about the wide range of different treatments that you can provide to people. This means you're not going to just receive cookie-cutter treatments, because he only knows one way to treat every problem. He knows the best way, and multiple ways to treat every injury.

Another thing that Dr. Phelps brought back from his two residencies to be the very best Loganville podiatrist that he possibly could be is how to run a successful practice. That's right not only did he learn how to be an outstanding doctor, you learn the tips and tricks of the trade to make sure that whenever he runs a podiatrist practice that it implements some of the best business practices not only for profitability, but for the patient's well-being. Any good podiatrist is going to to put the patient's needs and wants first. This is how you truly excel and get ahead, and this is how Dr. Phelps has built our podiatrist clinic into the highest and most reviewed in the entire state.

Again after completing two residencies our Dr. also has the unique benefit of having worked on some of the most unique cases in the world. He has seen several cases that many podiatrist will never see in the entire lifetime. This is due to him continuing his education beyond the point required by law to pass the state boards necessary.

If you've heard enough about Dr. Phelps and his amazing track record when it comes to continuing his education, and his commitment to excellence were going to give you a couple of options. Either you can visit our website schedule your first appointment there by going to Or you are more than welcome to pick up the phone and talk to us so the you can voice any of your questions or concerns ahead of visiting our facilities. You can gives call at (678) 639-4209.

Do you want to make sure that whenever you hire Loganville Podiatrist the you're only using a family-owned and operated provide clinic? If so then look no further than Infinity Foot & Ankle. This is because we are truly a family operation, as Dr. Phelps is the one that started this practice back in 2005. He is been joined by his lovely wife, who is also his high school sweetheart. Together they have three children they raise in this community. They have together built this practice into what it is today, which is the highest and most reviewed in the entire state. If this sounds like someone the you would like to do business with an waste of time.

There many benefits you're going to receive from a Loganville Podiatrist to is a family-owned farm. One of these is the fact that is going to be a much more personalized touch. Instead of using a company that is solely focused on profits and profitability, we are going to build provide you service where we truly care about you. Our number one goal is to make sure that you are well taken care of. We're not going to make sure that we line our pockets with extra gold just because we can at your expense. We truly are here to treat your foot and ankle issues, above all else. Is our passion to provide people with the relief that they need so they can start enjoying life to the fullest of their abilities. This is the driving find our beloved Dr. Phelps as he truly has a kind heart and weeks of each and every morning with the passion of serving his customers.

Another amazing benefit you're going to receive from a Loganville Podiatrist is we are going to be committed to dropping your weight times. We are not going to have extensive time spent in a dirty nasty lobby, as we are going to make sure that you are able to get in and out efficiently. This because we have very strict scheduling practices, and we stick to our schedule the best of our abilities. We are so focused on making sure that we run an efficient practice so that we can pass along savings to you, that we will Taser people who mess up the schedule. That's probably a little bit severe we don't actually do that, however we do take very seriously, is it is how we are able to offer you the very best services at the very best prices.

Speaking of the very best services very best prices, you're only going to get this from a family-owned operation. This because we are not greedy in our efforts to make a living. We are only going to put in office ever to receive fair value for the services we provide you. In any situation, we want to make sure that our customer comes out on top. If we are in doubt, you get the benefit. We will always under charge you versus overcharge you.

To take advantage of our podiatrist services all you need to do is visit our website. You can do multiple different things while on our website, including learn more about our company, learn more about our doctors, or schedule an appointment. All you have to do is go to today. If you'd rather just call us for you do not have access to Internet to free to pick up the phone and dial (678) 639-4209.