Whenever you choose Infinity Foot & Ankle for your Loganville podiatrist you are going with one of the most highly trained and well regarded foot doctors in all of Georgia. This just so happens to be Dr. Phelps. We have been blessed to have Dr. Phelps providing us with quality for the care here in Loganville that we have so severely needed. He is been committed to making sure that not only our athletes, but our regular everyday residents have received the for health that they deserve. Having a severe foot or ankle injury can be absolutely crippling and devastating no matter what profession you perform. We are going to be old to help you with this by make sure that your feet and ankle are proper working by providing you the chance to consult with one of the very industry leaders in your area.

The reason that our Loganville podiatrist Dr. Phelps can so highly recommend it is because extensive training. Not only did he received his bachelors in biology at the University of Illinois, but he went on to study podiatry at Roseland Franklin University. This is where he began his career as a true foot and ankle specialist. After graduating there with outstanding marks, he went on to complete two separate residency programs that provide him with the extensive practical application of the theories that he learned in school. This is why he is regarded as one of the most highly trained podiatrist in Georgia. It is very rare that someone completes two residencies at such esteemed places. It is a major accomplishment to complete a residency at all no matter your medical profession. This why we are so happy to have Dr. Phelps on our team.

In addition to being one of the most highly trained Loganville podiatrist Dr. Phelps is also a fantastic person. Dr. Phelps married his high school sweetheart, Debra. Together they have three beautiful children that they love raising here in our fantastic community. They are committed to providing Loganville the fantastic for health that it needs, as they are also part of this community. Raising their children and this community has made them very committed to the well-being and health of our community, see you know that we care about each and every patient comes through our doors.

Whenever we provide you with treatment here is one of the most highly trained podiatrist you're going to find around, we are going to make sure that we emphasize what's in your best interest. We are always going to make sure that we stick to our internal values and only provide you treatments you need. We are not going to waste your time and money on ineffective, or unnecessary treatments. This going to ensure that we maintain a lasting and healthy relationship with each and every one of our customers.

If you think the Dr. Phelps going to be able to help you with your for health all you need to do is get contact with us. As the highest and most reviewed by Tristan Georgia, we have an excellent website that will allow you to schedule your first appointment right online. You can find this by going to Infinityfoot.com. If you like to schedule your appointment over the phone or have additional questions please pick up the phone call (678) 639-4209.

He may be asking yourself how is there a Loganville podiatrist that is ended up as George's highest and most reviewed podiatrist? Sure the first part might sound simple. A highly skilled and highly efficient dieters can set up shop anywhere. But the fact that someone in a community as small as Loganville has been able to garner the high number of reviews that Dr. Phelps has is truly remarkable. It is a true indication of exactly how consistently he delivers the outstanding service to each and every patient comes through his door. Not once twice a week, but each and every day he is able to provide customers with high-level podiatrist services.

One of the reasons why he is become Loganville podiatrist that is the highest and most reviewed is because of the fact that he is able to treat your planter fasciitis. This is a very painful condition that impacts several different types of people. It is very common in sports athletes, however it is not limited to only them. Planter fasciitis occurs whenever there is tearing in injury to the fascia in your four. The fascia of stops the foot from flattening out whenever weight is applied to your foot. The patient puts the for under tension so whenever it becomes born, stretched, damaged you begin feeling intense pain. Particularly after long periods of rest is the band tightens up and retracts, you're really going to fill it particularly typically in the mornings. Our Dr. is going to be able to give you the treatments that you need to recover from your planter fasciitis and as quickly as possible.

Another reason that Dr. Phelps is so highly reviewed by so many people as being the very best Loganville podiatrist for your planter fasciitis is the fact that he is only going to do surgery as a last step alternative. While he does believe there is a time and place for surgery and certain situations, he avoids it whenever possible. This going to make sure the you have your best long-term health in mind. This because surgeries often times a short-term fix, but offers up more convocations down the road. In essence you are just stalling the inevitable whenever you opt for surgery versus alternative natural remedies.

There many different activities that can spur on your planter fasciitis in the first place. It can be as simple as beginning running for the first time in a while. This repeated impact on your feet can cause your fascia to become inflamed. This is what leads to planter fasciitis. It also just be from a regular exercise program, standing for long periods of time at work, or even shopping for a long time. Particularly people who work on ladders are extremely susceptible to this injury.

If you're tired of suffering from your planter fasciitis all you need to do is give us a call. You can do this by picking up the phone and dialing (678) 639-4209. If you'd rather have us reach out to you please fill out a customer contact form our website Infinityfoot.com.