When the reason we are going to be the Loganville podiatrist is going to be the company that is best equipped to help you with any of your feet and ankle needs, is because of Dr. Phelps. Dr. Phelps has done an amazing job serving this community since 2005. There many things that make him a very special person, in addition to being an outstanding doctor. If you would let us take just a moment to brag on him, and tell you a little bit more about who he is as a friend, father, and doctor.

Dr. Phelps began his career path of being a Loganville podiatrist by first receiving his bachelors degree in biology. After receiving his bachelors degree, he went on to study podiatrist medicine at Rosalind Franklin University. After completing his studies there in the specific field of podiatry he went on to complete two different residency programs in the next five years. This made him immediately upon graduating from podiatry school, one of the most accomplished and experience podiatrist and all Georgia.

Once Dr. Phelps finished his residency programs, he opened a practice and Loganville became a Loganville podiatrist. He opened this practice in 2005 and has been providing community with outstanding podiatrist services ever since. He is an repetition is the highest most reviewed podiatrist in all of Georgia. He is done this by matching not only his technical training in school, but also combining it with solid practical application in both his residency and in the ensuing years of owning his own practice.

While Dr. Phelps has an impressive career as a doctor, perhaps his most important achievements are those at home. He is probably know that he is married to the love of his life, and his high school sweetheart Deborah. Together he and Deborah have had three amusing beautiful children. He is proud of the the father of these children as they bring a lot of joy into his life. This family has been proud of the residents of Loganville for many years. It is been there passion to provide this community with the podiatrist services that it deserves to make sure that it is reaching its full potential by giving them the full health that they need, to live happier lives.

If you like to take advantage of all the podiatrist like Dr. Phelps is going to build provide you all you need to do is visit there amazing website Infinityfoot.com. Here you are going to find all kinds of information on the services that we provide, and a lot about our family. We're also going to give you a extensive background into what has allowed Dr. Phelps become one of the most respected doctors in all of America. This being said he is the very top podiatrist in Georgia. If you like to go ahead and schedule an appointment to visit Dr. Phelps, it is very easy to do so. You can do this by calling one of his customer service specialist whenever you pick up the phone and dial (678) 639-4209.

If you are needing a Loganville podiatrist because your suffering from plantar fasciitis and it will not go away then let us help you. We're going to do this by treating the true symptoms of your plantar fasciitis. We're going to be in treating your plantar fasciitis with extended periods of rest. This is proven to be the most effective treatment plantar fasciitis for many years. If this is not worth are going to be other treatments that our doctors are going to build provide to you that are both surgical, and nonsurgical.

The reason that our Loganville podiatrist is going to be uniquely equipped to make sure that you receive the relief that you need from your plantar fasciitis is because of the extensive schooling that Dr. Phelps has received. Not only did complete courses to receive his bachelors in biology, and then continue on to finish up courses at podiatric medical College at Rosalind Franklin University. Is combined with the five years that he's been a residency program at two different locations, means that he has extensive training in all aspects of podiatry to make sure that you receive the relief the you need.

If a Loganville Podiatrist is treated your plantar fasciitis before and it still will go away, we may be left with no option but surgery. While this is not our favorite method of fixing this issue, it is sometimes the only option. In this case we are going to go in and help relieve the symptoms of inflammation that you receive whenever you have plantar fasciitis. We're going to do it is released this tendon from the ankle bone that is attached to. This is going to provide you the relief the you need to begin feeling better from your plantar fasciitis.

One thing that is very important whenever you are undergoing treatment for plantar fasciitis's understanding exactly what the condition means. Basically what plantar fasciitis is, is an inflammation of your lender fascia. Your plantar fasciitis is a muscle in your foot that is essentially a band around your skeleton structure in your foot the resist flattening of your foot whenever way is applied. This typically happens whenever you are standing, running, or jumping. Whenever you put weight on your feet you are putting your fascia under tension. Whenever you are exposing your fascia to being under tension and unique circumstances that you do not typically, you're going to be at high risk for plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis this means that this planter fascia is inflamed. The information is going to occur whenever the foot is overworked.

If you want to take care of your plantar fasciitis, and prevent further injury to the area, we would be happy to help. We can do this in a number of different ways and so-called schedule your appointment so that we can get started today. All you need to do this is visit our website Infinityfoot.com. He also the option of giving us call and book your appointment while also asking any questions you may have at (678) 639-4209